Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Year Twos Make Robots in Design and Technology

The children selected a variety of "junk" materials and paints to design robots.  The class studied symmetry and tried to make their robots symmetrical for a more effective design.

What Good Work in September 2011?

Each month we hold a Good Work Assembly to recognise special achievements made by the children in their class work.
These hard earned awards go to usually not more than two students in each class and are very special to receive.
At this monthly assembly Mr Holgate and the recipients have an opportunity to showcase their good work before an audience of their school mates, teachers and parents.
All good work is then placed on display in the main entrance for the enjoyment and acknowledgement of all for the coming month.
Finlay Ashley, Reception

Irina Barrass, Year 3

Zach Chatwood, Year 5

George Weller, Year 6

Sam Wild, Year Two

Jack Glass, Year Two

Alexa Barrass, Year 1

Ella Enslin, Year 1

Liam Davis, Year 4

Lilia Davis, Reception