Monday, April 4, 2011

The Year Two Aeroplane Competition

Each year the Year Two Class competes in a paper aeroplane contest.  It is a part of the Science unit on Forces.  The children learn about air pushes as a force.  They learn that all criteria and conditions must meet the same standards.  They use the same paper, and the aeroplanes are flown inside where outside factors cannot affect the outcome.  This year Neva Franz won first with 9m and 45cm.  Second place went to Jacob Ward with 9m and 40cm.  Irina Barrass took third place with 6m and 45cm.  Rory Chatwood won fourth place with 6m and 30cm.  All the children received certificates.  The title for Tabuk Primary School is still held by Tara Nicholls whose aeroplane went 16m and 2cm.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Riyadh sports weekend a raging success!

The inaugral, BAE inter-school, sports festival was a raging success last weekend say the children and parents who represented TPS.

Day one started with a swim competition in the Salwa indoor pool. Our racers performed incredibly well.

Not just with their whole-hearted efforts in the pool but also their fantastic support of their fellow team mates.

This team comraderie was so impressive that Salwa Primary School teacher and organiser of the event, Mrs Linda Chambers, complimented our team for their amazing attitude and closeness. A real credit to Tabuk Primary School.
Lined up and ready to go

Off and racing!


Resting between events ..

All done and very happy!
Day two was time for rounders and, with a few excellent ring-ins from Salwa, a tight match ensued. Excellent work once again all!

A great time had by all!
All excellent pics from the weekend courtesy of Mr Brett Chatwood. Thank you!!