Saturday, June 29, 2013

What Good Work in June?

Each month we hold a Good Work Assembly to recognise special achievements made by the children in their class work.
These hard earned awards go to usually not more than two students in each class and are very special to receive.
At this monthly assembly Mr Holgate and the recipients have an opportunity to showcase their good work before an audience of their school mates, teachers and parents.
All good work is then placed on display in the main entrance for the enjoyment and acknowledgement of all for the coming month.

Good Work Alice Macready in Year 1!

Good Work Gabrielle Macready in Year 4!

Good Work Hugh D'Alessandro in Year 1!

Good Work Leila Glass in Year 1!

Good Work Orly Hatton-Ward in Year 2!

Good Work Rheinallt Jones in Year 3!

Good Work Ruqayya Jansson in Year 5/6!

KS2 maths funfair for KS1!

Roll up, roll up!

What fun we had during the Ks2 maths funfair. The children from ks2 designed and planned their individual events, making sure they were fun, suitable, and could make a profit!

Ks1 were given money and had to work out what change they needed when they paid. They could win double their money in some events!

Some children running the events made a profit, but beware Mr. Carrington the landlord who collected rent every 10 minutes!!

Bedazzled Castles!

The Year Two Class completed making beautiful castles in DT.  Here they are "bedazzled" with paint, glitter and sparkly doors and windows.   

Painting the Castles

The Year Two Class painted their castles bright colours!

The Year Two Class Make Castles

After putting together odds and ends of recycled objects, the class covered the entire exterior of the castles with mod rock.  Mod rock is similar to the material used to make casts for broken bones.  It is great fun and MESSY!

Monday, June 17, 2013

MasterChef Tabuk - Wednesday 3 July

Would you like to win one of these wonderful trophies? 
Then don't forget to fill in your entry forms and drop them back to the school by Sunday 30 June.  Your dishes must arrive at TPS either hot or cold by 4.35pm on Wednesday 3 July.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Good Work Award for Ethan

Ethan made some really great bricks for our Little Pig's House.  He persevered with it and they look fantastic.  Well done Ethan!