Tuesday, March 19, 2013


As part of our Topic on Homes, Year 1 and Aden have been making birdhouses. First they used sandpaper to sand all the wooden pieces.


Then we started gluing them together.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Year 2 Class Assembly - Mrs McCool Outsmarts the Muscle Men!

The children loved dancing to music by the Bee Gees from Saturday Night Fever!  Yes, they've got rhythm!!

The Murphy brothers thought that they were toughest muscle men in all of Ireland!

The Murphy brothers felt that they needed to defeat Finn McCool to prove that they were the toughest men in all of Ireland. 

The McCool Family - A VERY HAPPY FAMILY!!

Finn McCool had the ability to see into the future (whenever he sucked on his thumb).  Many times he had done things for his family because he could see into the future.  Once he even found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

Two Wonderful Daughters!

Finn and Oona McCool are very grateful for their two beautiful and intelligent daughters. 

Finn McCool is also a muscle man!!

Finn has a magic thumb.  When he sucks on his thumb, Finn can see into the future.  He knew three muscle men were coming after him! 

Oona disguises her husband, Finn McCool, by dressing him as a baby!

What a funny baby Finn McCool makes - especially with his moustache!

Oona has a plan to defeat the Murphy brothers!

Oona bakes two loaves of bread.  One of the loaves is normal.  In the dough of the other loaf, Oona puts in a pair of pliers!!

The Murphy brothers are told that they are going to have to HELP AROUND THE HOUSE!

The Murphy brothers think that they can do anything Finn McCool can do!!

Doolin Murphy has to lift up the house while Oona sweeps under it. A VERY BIG job!

Finn lifts the house for Oona to sweep under it EVERY day!  If Finn McCool can do it, so can Doolin!

Gilbert has to pick up a huge stone and fill the kettle with water from a stream that is under the stone!

Oona says that Finn lifts the stone and fills the kettle with water every day!

Aengus eats the bread with the PLIERS in it!

All Aengus has to do is eat a loaf of Oona's bread.  Oona has baked a pair of pliers in the dough!  Aengus doesn't know this!  He thinks, "Why not eat this good bread?"  Finn McCool eats five loaves of it every day!

Baby Finn eats the loaf of bread which does not have the PLIERS in it!! He says it is very GOOD!

The Murphy brothers stick their little fingers in Baby Finn's mouth to see how strong his teeth are!

Baby Finn spits out the little fingers of the Murphy brothers.

Now, the Murphy brothers have lost all their magical strength, as their strength came to them from their little fingers! 

Finn McCool is still the strongest man in Ireland!

Mrs Newman and the cast of Mrs McCool Outsmarts the Muscle Men!  Finished!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

What a weekend! We got home exhausted, and ready for bed but we had all made so many new friends we will never forget.  

We used scuba diving equipment to breathe underwater!  

We played team building games and had a great time! Just look at that smile!

Year 5/6 Sports Weekend!

The year 5/6 class were super excited to be heading off to Dhahran for a sports activity weekend. They were lucky enough to participate in many amazing sports and made loads of new friends over the two days of events.  

Key Stage 1 Lego Club