Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Swim Gala

This year's Swim Gala produced some nail biting finishes, cheering and lots of smiles.  
All children performed at their personal best. 


 Goldfish levels - freestyle

Turtle level - freestyle 

Frog level - horse race

Shark level - freestyle and backstroke 

Goldfish level - backstroke 

Turtle level - backstroke
Relaxing after their swim - Ashlyn, Ramthai, Leila, Lilia and Alice (Year 2)

Waiting for their turn - Harvey and Kye

Dolphin team relay - keep those balls on your nose and don't use your hands!

Parents frog race - go Mum!

Free Play at the end of races.....what a fun morning!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Good Work Assembly - June

This month, we had awards presented for success in SAT s, artwork and maths. 

Yr 5/6 Liam Davis and Neva Franz - SAT success

Year 4 - Tyler Harrison - incredible artwork in aztec mask, purse and Lowry inspired painting

Year 3 - Freddie Sington - literacy and his astec mask

Year 2 - Molly Furnival - numeracy

Alexander Sington - numeracy

KS1 Play: Red Riding Hood

I Love Red!!!!! 
KS1 performed a wonderful rendition of Little Red Riding Hood complete with a range of woodland creatures, woodcutter, shopkeeper, Ma, a hairy hungry wolf and, of course, Red Riding Hood.

Ma (Alice Macready) and Red Riding Hood (Connie Reilly)

Some of the woodland creatures - Owl (Kye D'Alessandro), Rabbits (Charlie Woodward, Hamdan Ali, William Gibson-May), Bear (Alexander Sington), Squirrel (Lilia Davis), Porcupine (Finlay Ashley)

Woodcutter (Hugh D'Alessadro) and Wolfie (Lachlan Seeney)

The whole cast

World Cup Party

After submitting their country World Cup posters, the children and their parents came to school in the afternoon to celebrate the World Cup and the imminent end of the school year. The children's posters were displayed inside the school as well as some special treats such as Moroccan Goat Curry, Belgian chocolates and Argentinian biscuits.

Outside the children participated in a penalty shoot out with winners from each year as well as an overall penalty shoot out champion.  Well done to Charlie Woodward (Reception and Year 1), Dylan Wright (Year 2), Charlie Gibson-May (Year 4) and Finlay Ogilvie (Year 5/6).  Our Year 3 and overall penalty shoot out champion was Orly Hatton-Ward.  Well done to all of the children for all of their efforts.

The children and parents enjoyed a BBQ, hula hooping, table football and connect 4.

Penalty Shoot Out competition

Leila Glass (Year 2)

Molly Furnival (Year 2)

Orly Hatton-Ward (Year 3)

Dylan Wright (Year 2)

Hugh D'Alessandro (Year 2)

 Charlie Gibson-May (Year 4)

Year 2 Winner Penalty Shoot Out - Dylan Wright

Reception/ Yr 1 Winner - Charlie Woodward

Year 4 Winner - Charlie Gibson-May

Year 5/6 Winner- Finlay Ogilvie

Year 3 and Overall Penalty Shoot Out Winner - Orly Hatton-Ward