Monday, January 28, 2013

What Good Work in January?

Each month we hold a Good Work Assembly to recognise special achievements made by the children in their class work.
These hard earned awards go to usually not more than two students in each class and are very special to receive.
At this monthly assembly Mr Holgate and the recipients have an opportunity to showcase their good work before an audience of their school mates, teachers and parents.
All good work is then placed on display in the main entrance for the enjoyment and acknowledgement of all for the coming month.
What Good Work in Year 1?
Jasmine Ward. Well done!

What Good Work in Year 2?
Ibrahim Jansson. Well done!

What Good Work in Year 4?
Irina Barrass. Well done!

What Good Work in Year 2?
Jasmine Brown. Well done!

What Good Work in Year 5/6?
Liam Davis. Well done!

What Good Work in Year 3?

Finley Senejko-Williams. Well done!

Great work everyone! Who will it be next month?

The Year Two Class Are Setting Up the Stage for Their Play

The Year Two Class are getting ready for their assembly program, Mrs McCool Outsmarts the Muscle Men.  Notices will be sent out when a date has been decided upon.

The Year Twos Are Painting Props and Background for Their Assembly Program!

Well, it is possible the children may have gotten more paint on themselves than on the Aga cooker and the baby bed they were painting!  Alexa's working hard painting a cat that will be on the window frame of the cottage. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Year Twos Make Igloos in D.T. Class

The Year Twos made igloos by covering a jar with white play dough.  They had to make block markings on the play dough to make the igloos look authentic.  It will take about three weeks for the dough to dry out.  Then they will cover them with glue and add some glitter. 

The Year Twos Preparing to Make Igloos

The children had to make a dome for their jars, then roll out their play dough before adding it to the jars.  It needed to be smooth.

D.T. - Making Play Dough

The Year Twos made play dough in preparation for making Eskimo igloos.  They loved rolling it out while it was nice and warm!

Focusing on Fossils

Ella Enslin brought a real fossil to school.  It was found in the desert by her father.  It gave the class a chance to learn about fossils and to speculate on what Ella's fossil might have been.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Year 1 had fun making pretend snow! They added water to some special 'snow powder' and watched it expand. It is quite life-like and feels cold and wet! Some of the children have never seen real snow so this was a really exciting experience for them. We hope it will last for a few weeks so we can have fun playing with it in the warmth of our classroom! Come by and have a look, if you wish:)

Counting in Tens.

Year 1 have been learning to count in tens. They have worked on counting up and back in tens from any number within 100 and found the total number of a group of cubes by organising them into groups of ten.