Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Baboon on the Moon by Y1


Check out our latest ICT project! We had great fun making this film and really hope that we cheered up the Baboon!Enjoy!
From all the children in Y1

The Year Two Class Celebrates the End of Assessments!

Mrs Newman treated the Year Two boys to an ice cream party to celebrate the end of testing.  After they ate, the boys had a SPIRITED game of magnetic darts!!!  During the game, the boys had to tally their scores which all ended in "zero" numbers. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What Good Work in June?

Each month we hold a Good Work Assembly to recognise special achievements made by the children in their class work.

These hard earned awards go to usually not more than two students in each class and are very special to receive.

At this monthly assembly Mr Holgate and the recipients have an opportunity to showcase their good work before an audience of their school mates, teachers and parents.

All good work is then placed on display in the main entrance for the enjoyment and acknowledgement of all for the coming month.

Ibrahim Jansson in Year 1!

Charlie Gibson-May in Year 2!

Ramthai Eynon in Reception!

Jack Glass in Year 2!
All of Year 5/6 - (from left)  Matthew Whitefoot, Robbie Hadfield, Ned Hatton-Ward, Zach Chatwood, Kongphop Rittiphan, Ryan Whitefoot, George Weller and Natalie Blair!

William Gibson-May in Reception!

Xavier Flynn in Year 3/4!

Jacob Ward also received a Good Work Award in Year 3/4.

Well done everyone!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Y1 made scrambled eggs!!

On Saturday 23rd June Y1 made scrambled eggs with eggs from KFC and Nando. They were yummy J

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Thursday, June 21, 2012


On Wednesday 20th June Year 1 went to Ella's house to see her 2 chickens. They are called KFC and Nando. We found out what they eat, where they live and saw 2 eggs they had laid. We also saw 5 of Ella's tortoises.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Year Twos Celebration of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee

The Year Two boys started Diamond Jubilee with a Fun Run in honor of Queen Elizabeth.  The day before, the children measured off 60 metres.  Then, on the day of the Fun Run, they ran as many "sets of" or "lots of" 60 metres as they could.  Charlie, Jack and Bailey ran 10 sets for a total of 600 metres.  Seoras ran 14 sets for a total of 840 metres.  Finley ran 22 sets for a total of 1320 metres.  Last of all Rheinallt finished with 26 sets for a total of 1560 metres.   Well done, boys!!!

The Year Two Class Learns about the Queen's Corgis

The Year Two boys learned 20 interesting facts about the Queen and her corgis.  One interesting fact is that she took one of her corgis on her honeymoon!  The boys also made 3D corgis!

The Year Two Class Made Cards for the Royal Family and then Matched Them to Queen Elizabeth's Family Tree

Parents provided a lovely luncheon for the children on Diamond Jubilee Day!

The Year Twos really enjoyed the food!  Thank you, parents!!!

Diamond Jubilee Parade!

The Year Two Class Enjoyed Drawing and Water Painting Queen Elizabeth II

The Year Two Class looked at pictures of Queen Elizabeth as she looks now.  They also saw pictures of her as a child and young woman.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Drawing and Water Painting a 1961 Corvette Convertible!!!!

Don't you just love the Year Twos  drawings of a 1961 Corvette convertible?  Now they know what a white-walled tire is!!!  Surprisingly, they didn't all want red water paint!  The boys drew the cars to put on their Father's Day cards.  LUCKY DADS!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Year Twos - Science

The Year Twos visited Tess and Viv's house to see their giant sunflower and bee hive.  The Year Twos all agreed that the sunflower head was the biggest they had ever seen.  The depth of the sunflower head was about 19 centimetres!  As the children looked at the domestic bee hive, they learned about the gentle honey bee.