Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pancake Day

On Tuesday 17th of February, each class made and ATE pancakes.  

Below are some of the photos from Year 4 and Year 5/6. 
The children used a range of techniques for flipping with some being more successful than others.  

The children chose lemon, sugar, maple syrup and butter for their pancakes.  One student also added salt! 

Thomas cracks an egg into the batter

Freddie and Ella prepare the pancake batter with Ibrahim and Jasmine overseeing.

Ibrahim adding his toppings. Lemon? Sugar? Syrup?  All of them!

Freddie eagerly waits to add his toppings.

Then it was Year 5/6's turn with pancake making, flipping and eating!

Neva and Elanor mix the pancake batter of flour, milk, eggs, sugar and a little oil.

Charlie and Tyler watch as their pancakes cook.

Charlie flips his pancake with great success.

Antony gets ready to tuck into his pancake.

Elizabeth and Elanor wait eagerly for their pancakes to bubble.

Elanor flips her pancake - well done!

Neva helps Chloe into her apron ready to start cooking.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Good Work Awards January 2015

This month's Good Work Awards acknowledged the children's continued striving to improve themselves, especially in Literacy and Numeracy.  

We celebrate these wonderful eight award recipients and congratulate them on a job well done. 

Ted Reilly, Reception

Bedwyr Jones, Year 1

Patrick Baron, Year 2/3

Molly Furnival, Year 3

Alexa Barrass, Year 4

Jasmine Seeney, Year 5/6


Tyler Harrison, Year 5/6