Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What Good Work this November?

Dylan Wright, Year 1
For fantastic maths work during the "double" and "near double" topics.
You also made an excellent sculpture of a husky using the air-drying clay.
Well done!

Aden Enslin, Reception
Well done Aden for learning your words and letter sounds!

Finlay Ashley, Year 1
Well done Finlay for working so well during our computer class. You have reached Level 2 in Flobot!
Your sculpture of a seal for our Arctic topic looks great.

Jacob Ward, Year 4
A huge "well done" Jacob. You have tried very hard to learn your times tables and always perform well in our Monday tables test.
Keep it up Jacob!

Ella Enslin, Year 2
Ella, you have such a good heart. You always see the best in every situation. You inspire all of us to be better!
Your creative writing has been very good this year. On one assignment where you had to think of questions for Mary Seacole, your wrote 29 questions! Wow!
Also, I really enjoyed your "I Am" poem and your self-portrait. You wrote about your friends. Well done, Ellas!!
Well done on your learning Native American sign language! You know almost 45 words!

Seoras Ogilvie, Year 3
For vastly improved effort and attitude towards his work, and for being a top bloke!

Thomas Holgate, Year 2
Well done, Thomas, on your excellent work in Year Two. You always work very hard and try your best!
I am very pleased with your creative writing. Your journal writing on different topics is very good. You have a good idea of what a complete sentence is and you make a good effort toward capitalization and punctuation. 
Your "I Am" poem is very good. It shows you care about your family! I loved your self-portrait!
Excellent work, Thomas!
Congratulations for learning many of the Native American sign language words. You are very good at them!

Ruqayya Jansson, Year 5/6
For her superbly written letter from the front line.
She considered all the problems faced by soldiers in the war.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Year Two Class Make Native American Canoes

The Year Twos have made their version of Native American canoes.  They had to drape string in glue and lay them across the canoe pattern to represent the sections in the canoe.  They got very GLOBBY with glue, but they loved it!! Then they painted the inside a mustard yellow colour.  After attaching the ends, the children decorated the exteriors with Native American symbols.  Look closely at the inside of the canoes. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Year Twos Make Native American Papoose Dolls

The children are studying the Native Americans in History.  They recently listened to the story, The Legend of the Bluebonnet.  In the story, She-Who-Is-Alone sacrifices her doll which is her only toy and the only thing that she has left that came from her parents.  Because of her sacrifice, the rains come and her tribe, the Comanches, survive.  The class decided to try to make their own hand-crafted dolls.  We are so proud of the result!   

Ella is learning how to pin a pattern onto fabric. Alexa is cutting out the pattern.

Mrs Newman and Mrs Tanner are teaching Orly and Thomas how to make SMALL stitches and keep their needles threaded!

Jasmine and Freddie are stuffing their dolls' bodies with cotton.

Ibrahim measures out yarn for the hair. Freddie adds a blanket to the baby's body.

The children add eyes, noses and mouths and finish up with feathered headbands.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween disco

The children dressed to scare at the Halloween disco. Cats, ghosts, skeletons, monsters and bad fairies played games and danced under the disco ball. Then it was off for some trick or treating.