Wednesday, May 25, 2011

year3 and4 class assembly

I liked making my waist jacket. I liked making the colourful patterns.I liked sewing, that was the best part. In the play I was Howard Carter and I dug and the waterboy (Konghphop) was helping me to find King Tutankhamun's tomb.
Faisal Azam

year 3 and 4 class assembly

I liked making the canopic jars becouse it was fun.I drew the shape of the jar then cut it out.I painted a design on it.And I liked making the costumes.Every thing was fun.
Liam Davis

Years 3&4's Class Assembly

On Monday May 23rd Years 3&4 performed the play 'A Glint of Gold' for their Class Assembly about Ancient Egyptians. The play told how Tutankhamun had his tomb built over 3000 years ago and also how it was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter. The children made all the scenery, props and costumes themselves in their DT and Art lessons. The performance was fantastic and I'm very proud of them all.
Gill Walters
Check out what they had to say about it in the comments below.

year 3 and 4 class assembly

I liked making the model boat.This is how I made it. I got hundreds of straws than I bent the ends up.I taped them together and painted them. I drew a sail.
William York

year3 and 4 class assembly

I like making my costume it was fun.I liked painting it and wearing it in the play. I liked making my canopic jar. It was very hard to cut out but fun.I liked making the design for my canopic jar.It has a human head.I liked making the seal. I used the end of a paintbrush and poked it into the special dough.
Finlay Ogilvie   

year 3 and 4 class assembly

I liked making the death mask and I liked making my costume and the Crook and Flail. I made the death mask by sticking newspaper on a balloon. My favourite bit was practising.
nick Cherry 

year 3 and 4 class assembly

I lied making the cow bed and I needed lots of gold paint for the cow bed. Faisal was Howard Carter. I was the water boy. The water boy found the tomb of Tutankhamun.
Kongphop Rittiphan 

year 3 and 4 class assembly

I liked the real play and making my costume. I was Lord Canarvon, my costume made me feel like a noble English man. I was a little nervous. My costume looked like an English mans clothes.
Zachary Chatwood 

Monday, May 23, 2011

"A Glint of Gold" as performed by Year 3 & 4

Ancient Egypt came to life this morning with Year 3 & 4’s class assembly.


Well done all! A truly memorable performance! Thank you!


Saturday, May 21, 2011