Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kippers Cake

This week the reception children baked Kippers Cake from The Oxford Reading Tree Series of books.  It was quite messy!  The children enjoyed making their cake with the following ingredients, cornflakes, tomato sauce, sugar, milk, baked beans and jam!  The children dared Mr Carrington to eat some of their cake, he did and now has the mantle of "Coolest Teacher" at TPS!  The children also made, baked and decorated a sponge cake which they enjoyed in a tea party with their favourite soft toy.


End of an era...Goodbye Shelley!

End of an Era 
Today was Mrs Phillips last day as school secretary. She has worked at TPS for seven and a half years and has made a huge contribution to the life of the school.
She has worked tirelessly to organise events, not only during the school day but she has also given up many evenings and weekends to support the school and the community.
As SHE co-ordinator and First-Aider Shelley has taken great care of our children over the years and has given out many band-aids but much more importantly she has given our ‘wounded soldiers’ an abundance of TLC which in many cases has been just what the doctor ordered and far more effective than any medication! 
Shelley’s IT skills have kept our school computers running and she has created this amazing website and blog. Both are a testament to her skills, dedication and hard work and I know many extended family members in the UK, Australia or elsewhere are very grateful to be able to have a glimpse of life at T.P.S.
From all the children, parents and staff we would like to thank Shelley for all her hard work. We will miss her so much but we wish her all the very best for the future
Good Bye, Thank You and Farewell!!!

Farewell Speech

Deafening Hip, Hip, Hooray from the children

Farewell Wall - Students & Staff
Nearly 8 Years at TPS!
Handmade gifts from the children

Final Farewell